“Lerik Broiler” MMC is one of the biggest poultry enterprises in Azerbaijan was established in November 22, 2010.  In the areas of Poultry Complex, capital construction work began in August 2011 and was completed in 2013. “Lerik Broiler” MMC consist of Incubator workshop, Broiler workshops, Slaughterhouse workshop, Recycling (processing) workshop, Feed factory, Grain drying workshop, Grain warehouse and Agricultural areas .

“Incubator” workshop

General area of the Incubator workshop is​​1210 m2. Equipment has been bought and installed by British “Chick -Master” company. Monthly production of workshop is 528 000 numbers of chicken.

“Broiler” workshops

12 Broiler workshops including the Poultry complex currently carries out its activity. General area of the each workshop is 1700 m2 and 30000 chickens are cultivated in these workshops. Workshops has been assembled on the basis of Holland technologies, installed and automated by the firm of Turkey. In addition  carried out construction of  9 new broiler workshops for Poultry Complex.

“Slaughterhouse” workshop

General area of the Slaughterhouse workshop is  ​​3700 m2. “Slaughterhouse” workshop was equipped by Holland company of “MEYN” with a fully automated facilities which production capacity is 6000 cutting chicken per hour. In the “Slaughterhouse” workshop, installed by “Friqo Mexanik” company of Turkey on the basis of Italian technologies 2 pieces of shock which is each of 15 tons- 38°C and 2 pieces of freezer cameras which is each of 200 tons-18°C.

Recycling”  workshops (repeated production of the garbages)

General area of the Recycling workshop is 740 m2. Recycling workshop installed by “Yemtar” company of Turkey, based on the best equipment production of “United States of America”. Process of leaving the discharge products of chicken meat is taken chicken butter and chicken flour and it is used as a high-protein product in the manufacture of feed.

Feed” factory

Feed factory which include the Poultry Complex is located the port city of Lankaran, at the junction of the railway. Equipment of the factory has been bought, by Turkey “Freedech” and “MySilo” companies, installed by Azerbaijan “Asena” company. Production capacity of the factory is 15 tons feed per hour .

“Grain Drying” workshop

Grain Drying workshop has been installed by “MySilo” company, consisting of equipment based on American technology, was manufactured by Turkey “MySilo”, “Freedech” and “BGT” engineering company. Production capacity of the Grain Drying workshop is 10 tons per hour.

 “Grain” storage

Grain storehouse has been installed by Turkey “MySilo” company in the territory of plant feed. Grain is possible to keep in the keeping silo for a long time till 6 thousand tons raw materials in the condition of full ventilation.